Non-woven wallpaper, ideal wallpapering

Non-woven wallpaper, ideal wallpapering

At Repro, we print all our photo wallpaper on non-woven wallpaper. This material brings many benefits for both the environment and our customers. Here's all the information about non-woven wallpaper on this page.

Easy to apply

Ease of use is our top priority! The biggest advantage of non-woven wallpaper compared to regular wallpaper is its ease of application. The strips are 47.5 cm wide, making them easier to handle during application as they do not fold over during rolling. Another advantage is that you apply adhesive directly to the wall, not to the wallpaper itself, eliminating the need for a wallpapering table. Additionally, once applied to the wall, non-woven wallpaper can still be adjusted and smoothed out, ensuring your image fits perfectly on the wall. To make things even easier, you can choose to have wallpaper adhesive included with your order, so you won't have to worry about anything after ordering your perfect wallpaper!

If you're ready for a new print, our non-woven wallpaper is also easy to remove, allowing you to keep refreshing your walls with minimal effort.

Perfect quality

Our non-woven wallpaper is of impeccable quality and is specially manufactured by us. We print on 120 grams per square meter paper, which is strong and resistant to damage or tearing, ideal for long-term use! Our non-woven wallpaper has a beautiful matte finish, with colors that appear deep and vibrant on this paper, ensuring your photo looks its best.

For a better world

Environmental protection is crucial to us at Therefore, we source our non-woven wallpaper from a company that shares our commitment to sustainability. They strive to minimize energy use during production and recycle as much of their leftover materials as possible. Our wallpaper meets all FSC certification requirements and is the most environmentally friendly option of its kind.

Things to consider

Our non-woven wallpaper is washable but not fully water-resistant. It can be used effectively in kitchens, which is a common application. However, if you plan to use it in wet areas of the kitchen, we recommend treating the wallpaper afterwards or using it creatively, such as behind a glass panel. We are happy to discuss creative solutions with you!

Summary of benefits of our non-woven wallpaper:

  • Easy to apply, adjust, and smooth out
  • No need for a wallpapering table
  • Strong; minimally tears or damages
  • Perfect print quality with vibrant colors
  • Most environmentally friendly option in its category
  • Easy to remove for effortless redecoration
  • Stable; minimal shrinkage or stretching
  • Easy to clean
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