Production in-house

Production in-house

Our photo wallpaper is 100% produced in-house, allowing us to guarantee short delivery times. Wallpapers are produced on all working days, making it possible to manufacture and ship them within 24 hours.

Thanks to in-house production, we can easily customize the product according to your preferences based on feedback. Please leave any additional requests in the "comments" field during the ordering process. We are happy to assist you further.

We print the photo wallpaper using CMYK toner on 120 gsm non-woven wallpaper. Non-woven wallpaper is environmentally friendly, giving you an environmental advantage over regular wallpaper.

After printing with toner, we cut it into 47.5 cm wide rolls. The wallpaper rolls consist of strips that only need to be separated at the top edges. This can be done neatly with scissors, ensuring a tight fit along the edges and skirting boards of the wall.

Because the strips are 47.5 cm wide and the width of your wall may not always be a perfect multiple of this, the last wallpaper strip may include a white margin. This margin can be easily trimmed off for a seamless fit. We leave this margin so that you can adjust the wallpaper to fit your wall perfectly. This ensures that the dimensions always match neatly. The wallpaper will look tidy, and this adjustment can usually be done without any issues.


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