Custom Business Cards

For a professional presentation of your business, order your personal business cards now at From small to large quantities, we ensure your card is printed quickly and with high quality.

Upload your design and choose your desired options. Select the paper that suits you and opt for single or double-sided printing. Make your card even more unique with a rounded corners finish. Order your original business cards quickly and they will be shipped the same day!

With us, you have the freedom to create your card exactly the way you want it, representing you best. Whatever you choose, we make sure you make a great impression!

Create your own unique business cards in any quantity at! We always ensure the highest quality printing so you can make a great impression with every business connection. Upload your file and let us quickly deliver your cards to your home.

Below you will find more information and tips about this product. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us ( or 070 - 347 8808).

Uploading files
At, you can submit files in various formats, including JPG, TIFF, or PDF. Do you want to order multiple types of business cards? Then place them one by one in your shopping cart. When submitting a file, make sure to consider the correct resolution and aspect ratio of your card. The cards have dimensions of 85x55 mm, so ensure your file adheres to these measurements. Do you want double-sided printing on your business card? Ensure your file has two pages: the front and the back. If you have trouble uploading a file, send us a message, and we can find a solution together.

The colors on a screen do not always match the print colors. You can submit images with RGB and CMYK color settings. A digital display (for example, in Photoshop) of a .jpg file in CMYK colors generally gives the best representation of the final result.

We offer three options for the material of your business card. All these options are of high quality and ensure you make a great impression.

  • Standard paper (350 gsm*)
    This is the standard paper you are used to from most business cards. It has a bright white color, making the colors stand out beautifully.

  • Biotop paper (300 gsm*)
    This paper has a nice, matte finish. It has an off-white color, giving it a slightly more professional look than standard white paper. Biotop paper is wood-free and less environmentally taxing due to chlorine-free production.
  • Water-resistant paper (260 gsm*)
    This paper is tear-resistant and water, oil, and grease-resistant. This makes the paper strong and suitable for long-term use. It has a smooth top layer, giving it an extra unique feel.