Photo on Aluminum

Transform any space with our sleek aluminum prints that exude modernity and spontaneity. Elevate your décor effortlessly by adding a touch of personality to your walls.

It's simple! Just upload your favorite image, select your preferred size (down to the exact centimeter), and customize your print with our range of options. Whether you're drawn to the rugged allure of brushed aluminum or crave the vibrant pop of white lacquer, we've got you covered.

Order today and receive your print within two business days. Don't miss out on this opportunity to breathe new life into your space with our uniquely captivating prints!

Take your décor to the next level.

A bold print on aluminum fits perfectly in any modern interior! Choose from the rugged brushed aluminum or a fresh finish of white lacquer. Everything is custom-made exactly to your specifications!

Below you'll find more information and tips about this product. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us ( or 070 - 347 8808).

Uploading Files
At, you can upload files in formats such as JPG, TIFF, or PDF. If you want to order multiple types of images on aluminum, add them to your shopping cart one by one. Ensure that the resolution and proportions of the image are correct when submitting a file. During processing, a few millimeters may be cropped around the image. If you encounter any issues uploading a file, send us a message, and we can find a solution together.

Colors on a screen may not always match the print colors exactly. You can submit images with RGB and CMYK color settings. Generally, a digital display (e.g., in Photoshop) of a .jpg file in CMYK colors provides the best representation of the final result.

Material prints your aluminum wall decoration on 3-millimeter thick Dibond. Dibond consists of two aluminum plates with a polyethylene core layer in between. This ensures that the plate retains its aluminum look while being sturdy, manageable, and lightweight. A major advantage of Dibond is that it is weather, wind, and temperature resistant.

We offer Dibond in two different finishes: brushed aluminum or aluminum with a white lacquer. Below are more details about these different types.

Brushed Aluminum
Brushed aluminum Dibond has a rugged industrial look and gives a beautiful, unique appearance. This type of Dibond is especially suitable for black-and-white photos. Colors appear slightly grayer on this Dibond due to the aluminum color.

White Lacquered Aluminum
White aluminum Dibond ensures fresh colors in your photo while retaining the aluminum look. This material gives the image a stylish appearance and brings out colors better due to the white background.

Quality Indication
When uploading your file, you'll see a quality indication based on standard print resolutions. If it scores low, the image may not print sharply. The final print quality depends on the number of pixels in the submitted image and its size. The sharper the submitted image, the higher the print resolution and so the quality.

The dimensions of the aluminum print range from a minimum of 20 x 30 cm to a maximum of 150 x 200 cm. You can order sizes precisely to the centimeter, and the plates are custom-made. This makes us the most flexible aluminum printers in the Netherlands!

We can finish your aluminum print in various ways, such as with a custom-made frame.

We can frame the aluminum print in a custom-made frame. This aluminum frame has a matte silver color with a rounded profile at the top. The photo will be framed without glass, preserving the unique aluminum look of the print.

Hanging Material
We can attach various hanging systems to your aluminum print. Below are the options available.

  • Standoffs
    It is possible to order standoffs with the print. Holes are pre-drilled in each corner to fit 10mm diameter standoffs. These standoffs allow you to easily attach the print to the wall, making the image stand out slightly from the wall.
  • Hidden Mounting
    With hidden mounting, we glue a wooden profile to the back of the plate. This makes the print float slightly in front of the wall. This mounting is practically invisible when the work is hanging on the wall, giving the piece a designer look.