Photo Print on Canvas Poster

Looking for something different from traditional canvas but still want to maintain that beautiful aesthetic? Imagine having your own image on a vintage-style school poster adorning your walls. Now you can achieve that unique look in any room with our canvas posters!

Start ordering by uploading your image next. Then choose the desired size, down to the centimeter precision! After that, customize your print with the options you prefer.

Opt for a charming vintage image or go for a more contemporary photo. Take it to the next level by finishing the poster with wooden rods at the top and bottom, creating that authentic school poster look! Whatever you choose, this material will make your image shine.

Choose something unique with our canvas posters! Canvas hardly tears or creases and gives a special touch to any image. Opt for the genuine vintage school poster look. Perfect for any wall in your home!

Below you'll find more information and tips about this product. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us ( or 070 - 347 8808).

Uploading Files
You can submit files to in formats such as JPG, TIFF, or PDF. If you want to order multiple types of images on canvas, add them to your shopping cart one by one. Ensure that the resolution and proportions of the image are correct when submitting a file. During processing, a few millimeters may be cropped around the image. If you encounter any issues uploading a file, send us a message, and we can find a solution together.

Colors on a screen may not always match the print colors exactly. You can submit images with RGB and CMYK color settings. Generally, a digital display (e.g., in Photoshop) of a .jpg file in CMYK colors provides the best representation of the final result.

We use high-quality canvas with excellent optical properties. The material hardly creases or tears, making it suitable for any indoor location. For this poster product, the canvas is not stretched on a frame.

Quality Indication
When uploading your file, you'll see a quality indication based on standard print resolutions. If it scores low, the image may not print sharply. The final print quality depends on the number of pixels in the submitted image and its size. The sharper the submitted image, the higher the print resolution and so the quality.

The dimensions of the canvas poster are up to 150 x 150 cm. Ensure your image meets the chosen size. If not, we will scale the image to the correct proportions.

Transform your canvas poster into a genuine vintage school poster or create an industrial look. We can finish your poster with wooden hanging rods, adding a unique touch to your image. The rods are round and provide a beautiful extra touch to your poster.

Just like the printwork, we make the rods by hand in-house. This allows us to make them precisely to the right size, so it fits perfectly for your image. The rods are attached to the top and bottom of your poster. We attach a string to the hanging rods that fits the vintage feel, making it easy to hang the poster.

Note: We fix the wooden rods in such a way that they cannot be removed from the poster. The rods are not an interchangeable frame!