Photo Print on Wood

Print your most beautiful photos on stunning pine wood for a rustic and warm ambiance in any space at home.

Easily order your unique photo print on wood by uploading your photo here. Then, select the desired options. Will you opt for a natural wood look or choose a whitewash to make your photo shine?

The unique effects of this natural product and the sharpness of the full-color print will amaze you.

Create a beautiful Scandinavian look with a direct photo print on wood. Get inspired by the possibilities of this beautiful material. Choose a print with or without whitewash and give your photos that unique wood look.

Below you will find more information and tips about this product. Do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us ( or 070 - 347 8808).

Uploading Files
At, you can upload files in the following formats: JPG, TIFF, or PDF. Do you want to order multiple types of images on wood? Place them in your shopping cart one by one. Ensure the correct resolution and aspect ratio when submitting a file. During processing, a few millimeters may be trimmed from the edges. If you encounter any issues with uploading a file, send us a message, and we will find a solution together.

Colors on a screen do not always match the print colors. You can submit images with RGB and CMYK color settings. A digital preview (for example, in Photoshop) of a .jpg file in CMYK colors generally provides the best representation of the final result.

Material works with planed pine wood planks that are 12mm thick and 95mm wide. Wood is a natural product that continues to work. Lively 'flames' and knots may therefore be visible beneath the print, giving a beautiful rustic effect. The wood we use has FSC and PEFC certification, contributing to sustainable forest management.

Your print on wood can be ordered in various sizes. However, the sizes are not entirely flexible. This is because the production process considers the standard thickness of the planks. This way, we can deliver the best quality with the most beautiful result. Do you have questions about this? Feel free to contact us.

You can choose a print with or without 'whitewash'. When printing without 'whitewash,' the color of the wood will be somewhat visible through the print. This gives a unique effect; images will appear slightly yellower and maintain their natural look. If this is not desired, choose a print with a whitewash. This applies a layer of white ink under the image, ensuring the wood is not visible and the image is not affected by it.

  • Photo print on wood without whitewash: The natural wood structure remains visible, giving a rustic and authentic appearance.
  • Photo print on wood with whitewash: The print is provided with a white underlayer, making the colors brighter and less influenced by the wood color.

The print on wood can be easily hung on the wall as a wooden plank is attached horizontally to the back of the print. This is not visible when the panel is hanging on the wall, giving the whole a floating effect. A beautiful touch!

With these photo prints on wood, you add a unique and natural touch to your interior. Perfect for a Scandinavian style or a rustic look.